At the Choyce Law Firm, we are experts at DMV hearings. Whether you are facing a potential negligent operator suspension for too many points, or an administrative suspension for DUI, our attorneys handle these hearings daily, and we do everything we can to avoid a license suspension. Many people make the mistake of hiring a general practice or “family” attorney for these specialized hearings, thinking that “any lawyer will do”, but at the Choyce Law Firm we understand the importance of your driver’s license.

Whether you are a commercial driver or simply need a license to get to and from work (restricted license), we have the knowledge to give you the best shot at keeping a very valuable privilege – the privilege of driving. In fact, we have filed public records requests and obtained through subpoena the actual driver safety manuals used by the DMV in the common hearings. Email us now and describe your situation, If you wish to speak directly to an attorney, call us at (415) 701-1500 or (707) 422-1202, and we promise to give you an explanation of your legal rights and options. For your convenience, click here for a list of common point violations and the DMV point system.

Negligent Operator Hearings

One of the common types of hearings is for drivers who get too many points. If you get four points in one year, six in two years, or eight in three years, the DMV will mail you a notice stating that unless you take action, your license will automatically be suspended. Do not ignore this notice! You have limited time to set a hearing contesting the action. Your best bet is to hire a good attorney who specializes in this area of law. At the Choyce Law Firm, we have a very high success rate at saving licenses in negligent operator hearings. Contact us at and we will explain the process. Or call us at (415) 701-1500 or (707) 422-1202 and speak directly to an attorney.

Medical Evaluation Hearings

These hearings are common among drivers who have been referred to the DMV, usually by a police officer or a a doctor with a concern. These hearings are just as important as any, because the end result can be a summary indefinite license suspension. It is important that you have a good attorney who specializes in this area of law, who can obtain the proper information and work in your best interest to save your license. Even in extreme situations, sometimes there are simply limits on driving that need to be addressed, and a licensee should be able to drive under certain conditions. Other times, the licensee was the victim of a bad report from a police officer or doctor, and the case of the licensee needs to be properly presented to the hearing officer in order to save the license. Whatever the situation, you can count on our attorneys to guide you through the process and work to save your license. Email an attorney now for more information or call to speak to an attorney at (415) 701-1500 or (707) 422-1202.

Administrative “Per-Se” Suspension Hearings

A driver stopped for DUI is usually the subject of these hearings. If you do not contact the DMV within ten days to set a hearing, your license will be automatically suspended after your 30 day temporary license expires. You should always set a hearing within the time limit, or you may simply suffer the suspension without recourse. If you have missed your hearing scheduling deadline, we can submit a late request on your behalf, and the DMV grants late hearings under certain circumstances. You may also request a “stay” on your license, meaning your license will remain valid at least until you have your hearing. The hearings are very technical in nature, and the seemingly slightest oversight by a police officer may lead to a “set-aside”. A set-aside means exactly that, the DMV “sets aside” the action and you suffer no administrative license suspension.