A California traffic attorney at CHOYCE LAW FIRM has an excellent track record in defending against traffic violations. Our track record is the direct result of our oral argument skills and our ability to provide the judge and district attorney with an excellent “common sense” view of the situation. We work hard to obtain a successful resolution through either reduction of the charge, reduction of the fine, or dismissal of the charges. Contact a California traffic lawyer at the Choyce Law Firm for experienced traffic ticket defense representation throughout California.

California traffic attorneys at the Choyce Law Firm, we recognize how important a clean driving record is. A clean traffic record is especially critical for commercial truck drivers whose livelihood depends on the driver’s license and driving record. Therefore, we work to challenge and mitigate the impact of traffic offenses. We handle all types of traffic tickets, such as:

  • Speeding in excess of 55 mph (22349(b))
  • Speeding in excess of 65 mph (22349(a))
  • Speeding over 100 mph (22348(b))
  • Exhibition of speed (23109c))
  • Speed contest (23109(a))
  • Driving with a suspended license (14601.1)
  • Driving Too Fast For Conditions (22350)
  • Improper Or Excessive Lane Changing (21754, 21755, 21756(b))
  • Exceeding maximum speed for trucks or tractor trailer (22406(a))
  • Reckless Driving (23103(a))
  • Stop Sign Violations (22450(a))

In addition to successfully challenging traffic tickets in California, we work to resolve suspended driver’s licenses and warrants for failure to appear. Learn more.

Traffic Ticket Defense – FAQ

Do I need a traffic attorney?
Maybe not. Some tickets are better handled “in pro per”. After a free consultation, we only accept cases if there is a chance of winning. We are in the business of helping people, and if there is no benefit we can offer, we’ll let you know.

Why do I need a traffic specialist?
Your family attorney may be wonderful at his or her area of law, but does your family attorney really know traffic laws and traffic court procedures? Most traffic courts are in special departments and the law is very different from other areas. Should you settle for hiring an attorney who will “see what they can do”? Or, would you prefer an attorney who specifically handles traffic ticket defense and knows the ins and outs of not only the traffic code, but the possible resolutions in your case?

Does it cost more to hire a specialist?
No. In fact, since we concentrate in traffic ticket defense, we are in the traffic courts frequently. This means in most instances, we save money in travel costs and time, because we represent multiple clients in one court. This allows our fee to be very competitive. Call us for a free consultation and quote (415) 701-1500 .

Why fight a point?
Call your insurance agent. Auto insurance rates are based partly on your DMV point count. Increased points may result in insurance rate increases, a suspended driver’s license, or problems with employment.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, a swift response by your traffic attorney may be your best option. Please call or contact us today to schedule your initial free consultation.