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Slip-and-Fall accidents commonly occur when floors are wet or slippery, when buildings have poor or inadequate lighting, uneven floors, torn carpeting, cracked sidewalks, or when dangerous areas are not secured properly. Slip-and-fall accidents may cause severe injury and can require extensive medical treatment over time. Business and Property Owners are legally responsible for dangerous conditions on their property that lead to personal injury. The attorneys at the Choyce Law Firm can help you hold them accountable.

In order to prevail in most Slip-and-Fall cases, the injured party must show that the business or property owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition on their property and failed to timely remove the condition. Many times, lawyers will refuse to represent clients injured in Slip-and-Falls cases because insurance companies are notorious for being unreasonable in compensating people injured in these types of cases. The attorneys at the Choyce Law Firm know all too well that insurance companies will not pay nuisance value for a Slip-and-Fall accident unless you have an aggressive attorney working on your side!

Slip & Fall Case Example

We represented a man who fell in commercial establishment on a floor that been recently waxed, and the area where our client fell was not was not properly coned off to prevent people from walking on the floor. As a result, our client fell and hit his head causing serious injury. After the insurance company claimed it was our client’s fault, he hired us to help him. A thorough investigation revealed our client was not at fault, instead the property owner did nothing to correct the dangerous condition caused in his establishment. We fought back to help the client receive the full compensation he deserved!

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