Because we truly care about helping our clients, we have had amazing results. Here are some recent examples. Please call and we will be happy to give you names and phone numbers of satisfied clients.

  • A client was injured on a motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of the motorcycle. Our client suffered serious injury and has made a great recovery, now returning to his leisure activities of boating and ATV riding. The result was a $1.6 million settlement.*
  • Our office fought for a child who was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. We were able to obtain $275,000 for the child.*
  • A recent broadside collision resulted in knee surgery for one of our plaintiffs and $100,000 [in damages].*
  • Our office represented a family in a wrongful death action and fought to get the insurance company to pay out a million dollar settlement.*
  • A recent client had fibromyalgia (chronic pain syndrome) and was in an auto accident. Many of her symptoms were identical to her fibromyalgia. We were still able to obtain a settlement of $35,000.*
  • A client of ours was driving when a car pulled in front of his truck, he had a back injury but did not require surgery, we “busted” the entire insurance policy of $100,000.*

If you or a loved have been injured due to negligence of another, you need to contact our attorneys as soon as possible. Call (707) 422-1202 to speak to an attorney about your case.

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At Choyce Law Firm we are here to maximize the dollar amount paid to you for your California personal injury. We promise you that you will work closely with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer during all phases of your claim process. You will always have your calls answered promptly by the attorney working with you on your case.

Another thing that really makes us different is a bit of a secret in the industry. Unlike many law firms, we will fight to reduce your medical bill reimbursement because the amount reduced goes directly into your pocket, and there is no additional attorney fee for the help.

Example: Your case settles for $100,000.00, and your medical bills are $20,000.00. We will negotiate with each medical provider to reduce their bill. If we are able to reduce the bills to $12,500.00, which is not uncommon, you will pocket the additional $7,500.00.

We feel that the above example is simply our job, and we work to reduce bills in every case. We don’t rely on any doctors for referrals. We only rely on our satisfied clients to refer their family and friends. We don’t need to run large personal injury ads, because every happy client sends us more clients.