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Sacramento DUI Lawyer

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Sacramento DUI Lawyer

Sacramento DUI Lawyer and Criminal Attorney, The Choyce Law Firm focuses on representing clients in Sacramento, California who have been arrested or accused of a criminal offense or DUI/traffic related offense.
The Choyce Law Firm strives to provide the highest quality of legal services and case results, all at a reasonable cost. The Choyce Law Firm responds quickly to telephone calls and will provide you with regular case updates. We constantly monitor new developments. Our Sacramento criminal law firm utilizes aggressive strategies to ensure that your rights and your future are protected, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of your legal matter.

If you need a Sacramento DUI attorney or a criminal Lawyer in Sacramento, please contact us immediately. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime or DUI/traffic offense in Sacramento, contact our Sacramento criminal defense lawyers immediately! Prosecutors rely upon the fact that many people waive their valuable constitutional rights by speaking to them before contacting a criminal defense attorney. Do not make the mistake of waiving your California constitutional rights

Choosing an Attorney can be frustrating. With The Choyce Law Firm you can be assured that our attorneys are experts in criminal law and we have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases throughout the Bay area. If you have been charged with a DUI “drunk driving offense”, a felony, or misdemeanor in Sacramento, it’s important to hire a Sacramento criminal attorney to represent you. The sooner your criminal defense attorney can start fighting for your rights the better. When you hire a Sacramento criminal defense firm to represent you, your defense lawyer should always be present during any communication between police or prosecutors.  This will prevent the government from eliciting incriminating statements from you and it will prevent you from making a mistake and waiving your important rights.

We understand that being arrested and facing criminal charges is a devastating experience. Our Sacramento DUI attorneys are here to represent you or a loved one through the process from the initial court appearance through a jury trial if need be and keep you updated along the way. We are committed to protecting your constitutional rights and we will fight hard to get you the best results. Feel free to browse our website for legal information about Sacramento criminal defense.

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We represented a car dealer stopped for driving one of his corvettes 130mph in Sacramento County. We took his case to trial and we were able to get the DA to drop the two point violation to a simple speeding violation before we gave our opening statement!*