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23 June
Charged w/ violation of Vehicle Code Section 22349(a) - speeding in excess of 65 mph
COUNTY: Solano County
RESOLUTION: Case dismissed!
22 June
Charged w/ violation of Vehicle Code Section 22406(a), commercial driver speeding in excess of 55 mph
COUNTY: Solano County
RESOLUTION: Case dismissed!


Oakland Criminal Attorney & DUI Lawyer

Oakland California criminal lawyers and DUI attorneys at your service. At The Choyce Law Firm, our DUI and criminal law experts serve clients throughout Oakland and other Southern California communities. The Choyce Law Firm is dedicated to aggressively defending people arrested for DUI or any criminal matter. Oakland criminal attorney Dionne Choyce has earned a national reputation for successfully representing DUI/drunk driving clients and criminal cases. The Choyce Law Firm is considered to be among the best DUI/Criminal defense attorneys throughout California, including Northern California. We have office locations in: Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, San Joaquin, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo and Oakland. Take a minute or two and click the links above to see how we can help.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI or involved in a crime or questioned by the police, you need to call an attorney. The consequences of a criminal conviction can include jail or prison time, big fines, and can get you a record that can have a serious impact on your future plans..

In certain cases it’s possible that a criminal case can result in a trial by jury. Having a good attorney can make the difference between a "guilty" and "not guilty" verdict.  Not all attorneys have the courtroom talent needed to present evidence properly for their defendant.  Even if the individual facing the charge is innocent, without a precise presentation to the jury they can still be convicted of the crime.  Having an understanding of the jury process is crucial, and how to present the case is very important.  At the Choyce Law Firm we are skilled trial lawyers that will present the case aggressively and skillfully, with your best interests and freedom as our top priority.

You cannot afford to lose your case. You deserve a criminal defense attorney like the Choyce Law firm who will fight to protect your future. Mr. Choyce is a former prosecutor from the Bay Area and he has worked on a variety of DUI and criminal cases. He has the experience you’re looking for.


Dionne Choyce has handled hundreds of DUI and criminal cases, and has mastered the art of skillful negotiation and plea-bargaining in this area, which allow his clients to receive the best possible outcome. As a former prosecutor in one of California’s toughest jurisdictions, Dionne Choyce understands how to evaluate a criminal trial case, and will vigorously represent his clients to possibly get criminal charges reduced or dismissed. With respect to personal injury cases, Dionne Choyce he will not hesitate to seek justice by way of a jury trial when insurance companies fail to adequately compensate those injured in serious accidents.

At the Choyce Law Firm, we fight aggressively to reduce the consequences of a criminal charge, DUI or traffic offense and strive to give our clients the best possible outcome. Call us today and speak now to an Oakland criminal defense attorney. Our office is located at 1300 Clay St., Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94612. See the Google map on the right hand side for directions.

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  What Client Says
We represented a car dealer stopped for driving one of his corvettes 130mph in Sacramento County. We took his case to trial and we were able to get the DA to drop the two point violation to a simple speeding violation before we gave our opening statement!*