If you ever find yourself faced with criminal charges in court, you will no doubt need the services of a criminal defense lawyer. Crimes can range widely in severity from lesser crimes such as a misdemeanor to more serious ones such as felonies. Sentences for crimes also vary from hours of community service to years in jail and even death.

For anyone charged with a crime, having representation during court proceedings is critical. The Constitution of the United States guarantees citizens that are accused of a crime, the right to representation. If you want to acquire the services of a criminal defense attorney, then you will need to find a reputable law firm that practices criminal law.

We, at The Choyce Law Firm, specialize in criminal law defense in the state of California. If you have been charged with a crime, we will meet with you and give you an idea what to expect in your case proceedings and the options available to you.

Importance of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal law is a body of both the state and federal legislation. Every state enacts its punishments and definitions for state crimes. Most crimes are state crimes. Some exceptions include inflicting injury to a federal employee and causing federal property damage.

Criminal law or the criminal justice system is hard to understand for the average person. Failure to understand this law and ignorance are hardly adequate reasons to avoid a guilty verdict.

A person has the right to self-representation during criminal proceedings, but there are severe consequences of poor legal representation in court. Misdemeanors are classified as small crimes and might attract a jail sentence up to a year or a fine, but a felony is a serious offense that can see an individual go to jail for many years. It is, therefore, important that you have a criminal defense attorney to argue on your behalf.

Pre-Trial Services

At The Choyce Law Firm, we assist you through the entire criminal justice process, which includes the pre-trial. Some individuals opt to have the services of a lawyer even during the investigation and before they are charged with a crime. Most times, this happens when a person suspects that they might soon be accused of a crime. In such instances, we can help you during questioning by the authorities to make sure that you do not divulge any information that may be incriminating.

Our criminal defense attorneys may also assist you to convince a court of law to drop charges based on improper procedure or lack of sufficient evidence. For instance, in most cases, the police must first have probable cause before they can make an arrest. The meaning of probable cause is that they must have a compelling reason that makes them believe you committed a crime. Our defense attorneys have the best understanding when it comes to probable cause as defined in your area of jurisdiction and can challenge the reasoning of officers in a court of law.

Additionally, after an arrest, the authorities can detain you pending a trial. However, in most cases, you can secure a release so long as you can provide bail money. This bail is intended to make sure that you show up for your court hearing. Based on the situation we always try to persuade the judge to reduce the bail or even have it waivered for you altogether.

Trial Services

Our attorney’s biggest job is to help you during your criminal trial. They can analyze your case and identify its strengths and weaknesses as well. You can then collaborate with your assigned lawyer to develop a good defense strategy for your case. If there is a plea bargain on the table, the attorney is well equipped to advise you on any pros and cons of your plea.

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